Best advice on international trips

So, you’re going abroad… Congratulations! 🎊 I hope you’re looking forward to it. As an experienced traveller, I’d like to share some of my strategies with you. Please don’t find them condescending. Think of a coffee ☕ with a friend, and nodding along to things you find not useful while being excited about things you find great. With no further ado…

1. Shoes

2. Mbna American Express

3. Supercard

4. American Express again

5. Priority Pass

6. Vapur water bottle

7. Walk fast

8. Have little or no cash

9. Divide your documents

10. Have two phones

11. Apply sun cream

12. Don’t be charitable, be like a shade

13. Learn basic words in the local language, or just speak it

14. No wallets, including belly wallets

15. Subscribe yourself to a loyalty scheme, or a few, in the hotel

16. Local loyalty schemes.

17. Avoid talking about your travels with strangers 

18. Avoid arguments

19. Look at attractions further down the ranking

20. Try some local food, so you can tell yourself you lived to its fullest


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